dorothy ganek

"What drives me to create is as mysterious to me as it is fascinating. I just know that I have to do it. Creativity for me takes on many forms; painting, silversmithing and designing interiors, as they are jointly intertwined." "I was born in Greece where I lived until the age of ten. Those early years of my life provide me with endless memories of inspiration. I recall the bright Mediterranean light casting strong shadows on white houses and the intense turquoise blue of the Aegean Sea. It's not surprising that a touch of green blue seems to appear in most of my paintings, jewelry and the living spaces I design." "As a child I recall playing in the garden of a small museum five minutes from my house in Sparta. Flashbacks of aged textures on marble relics and classic statues, strong fragrant roses in the formal garden and gigantic goldfish in the old stone fountains are etched in my mind. My childhood experience, combined with the impressions of my everyday environment today are what I draw from as an artist."